Yoga 'Burn' Weight Loss: advanced

Yoga 'Burn' Weight Loss: advanced

This dynamic 3 part series will work deeply on the endocrine system to 'Cleanse' 'Tone' & Soothe every part of you. Based on the 'Iyengar' system it features sun salutations, 'jumpings' and inversions. The accompanying 'MindSlim' audio will help to 're-set' the psyche and remove any addictions, cravings and body image issues.

Yoga 'Burn' Weight Loss: advanced

4 Videos

  • Yoga 'Burn' advanced: Cleanse

    Video one of the 3 part 'Burn' Series for advanced Level. Expect to 'pep up' the metabolism and 'flush out' toxins with this strong standing practice

  • Yoga 'Burn' Advanced level: Tone

    Video two of the 3 part 'Burn' Series for adept level. Build strength and improve cardio-performance with this carefully designed sequence

  • Yoga 'Burn' advanced level: Soothe

    Last of the 3 part 'Burn' Series for advanced level. 'Soothe'.
    Lower stress hormones with inversions. Forward bends to calm the nervous system and improve thyroid function

  • 'Mindslim' listen and lose weight naturally

    This audio contains imagery and metaphor to sink into your subconscious mind - where the success of a slim body and great body image awaits you. Begin this audio 3 days before the next New Moon