'Burn' Beginners Yoga : Weight Loss

'Burn' Beginners Yoga : Weight Loss

Captioned and voice overs will guide you through a gentle Boudoir Yoga workout for easy weight loss. With regular practice you will begin to notice:
1. Feeling more 'in tune' with your body
2.Less cravings for comfort foods
3. Increased willpower to not overeat

'Burn' Beginners Yoga : Weight Loss
  • Yoga 'Burn' Beginners: Cleanse

    Video one of the 3 part 'Burn' Series for Beginners.
    1. Flushes out toxins as it 'heats you up' from the inside
    2. Reduces fluid retention
    3. Improves circulation as you work with the breath

  • Yoga 'Burn' Beginners: Tone

    Video two of the 3 part 'Burn' Series for beginners
    1. Builds strength and tones muscles
    2. Improves cardio-performance
    3. Increases flexibility and streamlines body

  • Yoga 'Burn' Beginners: Soothe

    Last video of the 3 part 'Burn' Series for Beginners (Soothe)
    1. Gently restorative and mind calming
    2. Allays food cravings and overeating
    3. Reduces cortisol and increases thyroid function for metabolism

  • 'Mindslim' listen and lose weight naturally

    This audio contains imagery and metaphor to sink into your subconscious mind - where the success of a slim body and great body image awaits you. Begin this audio 3 days before the next New Moon