Beginner Friendly toning sequences for busy ladies

  • Sensual Body Warm up on the floor

    On your back for the steamiest of work outs. Some ladies say that this session is like an all over body massage as they feel it soothing tight back muscles and releasing tension from the neck and shoulders. "Just watching the movements can feel like a meditation - so relaxing". Sensual warm up on...

  • Sensual Standing Warm up

    Feet on the ground and feeling your own Sexy Space. What better introduction to the world of Boudoir Yoga. Perfect for complete beginners this gentle sequence with leave you tingling with love energy.. try it and see

  • Sexy Morning Stretch

    Enhance your lovemaking..... or kick start your day (your choice) by practising this sexy sequence in the privacy of your own Boudoir. These vibrant flowing movements will allow the sacral chakra "The Home of the Divine Feminine" to blossom and make you feel more sensual and "happy in your skin"...

  • Mindslim 2 minute audio

    506 MB

    20 minute Mindmagic recording (use with headphones) to culture bodypositive emotions of selflove and natural attitude towards body image and eating. Tried and tested method of losing weight naturally