Watch this video and more on Yoga Healing Zone 2020

Watch this video and more on Yoga Healing Zone 2020

New moon healing for 24th March 2020


Up Next in March 2020

  • Sun stretch to Duduk Music (1)

    Shed the darkness of winter and welcome the Spring with this recharging sequence. Standing postures include Triangle, extended and Parsvikonasana Warrrior Favourites 1 & 2 and finishing with 'Happy Baby' and Butterfly... Feel the love ;)

  • Sun Stretch pt 2 'Good Morning'

    Easy workout out to improve the circulation to all the vital organs. Spine energising and lymph pumping Yoga. Re-invent your self today. Posture sequence 1. Flowing Strength. 2. Easy Surynamaskar. 3. Bridging 4. Side leg raising & Infinity pose.5. Churning (get that porridge on the go!) 6 Med...

  • Sage Smoke. Raising the energy vibrat...

    Before any practice it's important that you 'ground' yourself and 'center' with prayer. This is made easier if you keep a special part of your home 'clear' for spiritual practice and Yoga. The practice of 'smudging' has long been used by shaman to raise energy vibration and drive away evil spirit...