Yoga Quarantino

Yoga Quarantino

2 Seasons

Gentle, beginner friendly sessions to heal the body, mind and spirit

Yoga Quarantino
  • New moon healing for 24th March 2020

    Episode 1

    Filmed at Myra's home studio this sequence will ease out tension from the body and bring energising hope, healing and renewed purpose for all

  • Sun stretch to Duduk Music (1)

    Episode 2

    Shed the darkness of winter and welcome the Spring with this recharging sequence. Standing postures include Triangle, extended and Parsvikonasana Warrrior Favourites 1 & 2 and finishing with 'Happy Baby' and Butterfly... Feel the love ;)

  • Sun Stretch pt 2 'Good Morning'

    Episode 3

    Easy workout out to improve the circulation to all the vital organs. Spine energising and lymph pumping Yoga. Re-invent your self today. Posture sequence 1. Flowing Strength. 2. Easy Surynamaskar. 3. Bridging 4. Side leg raising & Infinity pose.5. Churning (get that porridge on the go!) 6 Meditat...

  • Sage Smoke. Raising the energy vibration of your room

    Episode 4

    Before any practice it's important that you 'ground' yourself and 'center' with prayer. This is made easier if you keep a special part of your home 'clear' for spiritual practice and Yoga. The practice of 'smudging' has long been used by shaman to raise energy vibration and drive away evil spirit...

  • Spiritual Download/Practice session: Thursday 26th March 2020

    Episode 5

    Buddha Mudra centering. 'feel the shift'. We are in a transitional phase as the old is broken down to make way for the new. Aquarian thoughts of futurism, technology and small living will path your way through this time. Postures: 1. Cat 2. Threading the needle 3. Praying pose 4. Child pose 5. Do...

  • Progressive Relaxation

    Episode 6

    Extended relaxation practice for Thursday 26th March

  • Chair Stretch Saturday

    Episode 7

    One of the great things about Yoga at home is that there's furniture! chairs, table tops, stools. Use whatever you need to 'prop' you up during these tricky times. Wear your orange for high frequency emotional tuning. Sequence: 1. Hamstring stretch, chair for spinal twist, Parsvottanasa for lower...

  • Yoga with Love

    Episode 8

    Introducing the 'Stay Sexy' products. The Lift, the Rope & the ball. Complete kit for shoulders/back/ neck. Enjoy.. and 'Be Here Now'

  • Monday Gold

    Episode 9

    Healing the solar plexus chakra. Wear your golden yellow and feel the energy moving around navel area. Improve your vitality and confidence. Finish with the cobra/locust/bow sequence anti-ageing relaxing. “Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you ...

  • Tuesday chakra balance

    Episode 10

    Relax with the deep cleansing breath and explore the healing power of pranic life force. Gentle stretch sequence with advanced cat and a new forward bend. May you be happy and peaceful, may you be healthy and strong, may you be safe and protected, may you carry your life with ease and grace. Om ...